Donate to Lifeline
Lifeline Tshirt.PNG

$25 of this tshirt sale will go towards Lifeline, which is the estimated cost for the organisation to provide one phone call to those in need of their crisis services. 

Following on news of a $55 million funding cut for the District Health Boards this year, the artist has decided to donate all profits from her Quitter merchandise to Lifeline, a 24/7 support system that gives every New Zealander access to support and intervention for suicide. The organisation has been dealing with tough funding decisions for many years and in 2018 it was estimated that the organisation is missing one in four phone calls because of a funding shortage - they receive around 10,000 calls each month. 


Please wear this t-shirt to remind people: it's OK to want to quit, but please don't. I have wanted to quit over and over again. At times I have felt so alone and so embarrassed about my life, and when I couldn’t find the compassion that I needed, quitting everything felt like the only rational thing to do. But the hurt I felt when I lost a friend to suicide, and the hurt I see when others lose someone makes me realise how important my life is to this world. 


I’m inspired by Lifeline’s mission to help not only those who have a mental illness, but anyone who is feeling suicidal. They have an ‘every life matters’ approach and I believe that 100%.