Quitter Remixes coming October 16!

Yaaaasssss! I'm proud to be able to release three remixes which came from the submissions we received in the Quitter remix competition.

01 - a future remix by Robyn Doyle in Ireland (winner of the contest)

02 - a future house remix by Alex Greenhouse in Russia

03 - a garage 2 step remix by Lofi-Sky in Uzbekistan

You can PRE-SAVE the tracks on Spotify/Deezer/iTunes here:

And to recap, you can watch the announcement of the remix winner here:

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For me, there is no greater feeling than having a successful artistic collaboration. I thrive on the energy that comes when a bunch of people CARE about the same thing. Whether you're making a piece of music, or a video, or a piece of theatre... any time where human beings are agreeing that the same things are important and living in the moment - THAT is my happy place.

Thank you so much to all the remixers who reinterpreted a song that I love so deeply. I wrote it in a REALLY dark place where I did want to quit everything. These remixes help break through that sadness.

This link will convert to the stream links on the day:





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