Petravita: American rapper in Sweden

I had the idea of launching a series where I interview musicians and ask them to give an award acceptance speech, Grammy style. I stalled for a year or so, thinking I shouldn't do this without getting a sponsor onboard. But one day I couldn't take it anymore, I was itching to go and ask the big question "if you won a Grammy, who would you thank?". Coz when do you get asked that question!? And isn't it mad fun answering? We musicians do dream big, after all. I had the pleasure of interviewing Petravita for the very first episode. We're now friends!

The Grammy Award

Petravita wins a 7 Billion Grammy for Most Prolific Lyricist. He writes a new rap or spoken word everyday, collaborating with his online network of Producers. And they are FIRE. They're funny, intelligent and based on real life events.

Find Him

In addition to performing, Petravita livestreams himself making music every week at

Contact info: or @PetravitaMusic Snapchat: Petravita Spotify:

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