How I created the Quitter artwork

Alot of people ask how I came up with the idea of shooting the Quitter artwork in the water at night.

I started with a thinking about what the song meant to me. This was already coming through in the lyrics and the sound design (the version you hear on Spotify etc doesn't include the intro/outro I originally had. It had some super weird effects. You can hear that on Splice:

Some things stood out, lyrically "You're running to the water and you're gonna get in sink or swim" and also this 'garble' sound I have playing, you need to listen carefully, but you might hear the sound of underwater bubbles in the track. (I TOLD you I wrote this in a dark place!!)

SO: duh, the image needed water!

I made a moodboard:

I also had a wonderful trip coming up to Crete, Greece. So knew I wanted to shoot there. I put up an ad on Model Mayhem and found the wonderful Pavlos Kapoglou, he agreed to a trade for print shoot. Meanwhile, my mom and sis waited in the Airbnb we had rented during our 3 day vacation together. I hadn't seen them in like 6 years. And ofcourse, I'm off doing photo shoots (I did three during that trip) and ordering my sister to help with my hair as I run off in a stranger's car. Thank you infinitely to my family for understanding and putting up with my workload!).

Some key differences to what you see on the moodboard:

- We shot it at night

- I thrifted this amazing pink dress

- I submerged myself IN the water to bring out the feeling of walking out after drowning

- The water in Crete (Heraklion) has this amazing blue tinge to it

We shot for an hour or so (fighting sunset, ahhhh! Stress!!!) and came up with shots of me walking into the water, as well as walking out. We used both versions for the original Quitter track (changing the color of the dress to YELLOW to match the rest of the outfits in the music video of Quitter), aswell as the remixes.

Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to the new remixes which were made by Robyn Doyle, Lofi-Sky and Alex Greenhouse!

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